How to simulate an HTTP 302 redirect using Charles Web Debugging Proxy
by Riley MacDonald, July 11, 2017

302 response codes are commonly used for URL redirection when the assets on a server have been moved. When a 302 response code is returned it includes a header key and a url value. I needed a quick way to verify my web driven application was respecting these redirects. Using Charles you can simulate such a response using the following technique:

Add a new rewrite in Charles (tools -> rewrite):
Adding a rewrite will modify any request/response made to the defined url.

Under location click the add button and add the desired URL to test:
Replace the “url-to-redirect/example-path” with the desired URL to simulate a 302 for.

Using the bottom add button add a rewrite rule for the 302 response code:
This simulates a 302 response code on the URL defined above.

Using the bottom add button add a rewrite rule for header:
Replace “redirect-url” with the desired url to redirect to.

Test the results. Charles should display the first URL with a blue arrow indicating a redirect. If your application is working correctly the redirect should be recorded by charles right after the 302 response.

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